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From this point, the Assyrian population was dramatically reduced in their homeland.
Ephrem I Barsaum, Ignatius The Church of the East was considered to be one of the major Christian powerhouses in the world, alongside Latin Christianity in Europe and the Byzantine Empire. We are in the 21 st century. According to the study, "contemporary Assyrians and Yazidis from Northern Iraq may in fact have a stronger continuity with the original genetic stock of the Mesopotamian people, which possibly provided the basis for the ethnogenesis of various subsequent Near Eastern populations". Georgians including Svans and Mingrelians.

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Patrick Glenn, Legal Traditions of the World.
Cabinet President list Prime Minister. In ancient times, Akkadian -speaking Assyrians have existed in what is now Syria, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon, among other modern countries, due to the sprawl of the Neo-Assyrian empire in the region. As non-Islamic proselytising was punishable by death under Sharia , the Assyrians were forced into preaching in Transoxiana , Central Asia , India , Mongolia and China where they established numerous churches. Assyrian music is a combination of traditional folk music and western contemporary music genres, namely pop and soft rock , but also electronic dance music. The conical hats of traditional Assyrian dress have changed little over millennia from those worn in ancient Mesopotamia, and until the 19th and early 20th centuries the ancient Mesopotamian tradition of braiding or platting of hair, beards and moustaches was still commonplace. Six such provinces were instituted in Subsequently, all Assyrians, like with the rest of the ethnicities living in the former Aq Qoyunlu territories, fell into Safavid hands from and on.
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