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What determines how much a guy spends on an engagement ring?
Several standard sex differences replicated across cultures, including women's greater valuation of social status and men's greater valuation of physical attractiveness. I've posted many studies offering hope and inspiration but to be honest and fair, we also need to look at facts about people many like to deny. Women find married men more attractive than single men: To make the best decisions, we cannot delude ourselves. In fact, research shows young women sometimes prefer out-and-out jerks: Naive romantics, I warn you one last time:

Dating And Mating Psychology Today

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Participants in the uncertain condition were most attracted to the men — even more attracted than were participants who were told that the men liked them a lot.
Statistics show men are about as likely to cheat on their wives as they are to experience a flight delay. The younger the woman, the more he spends: Uncertain participants reported thinking about the men the most, and this increased their attraction toward the men. The total spent on rings was positively correlated to the annual incomes of both men and women but negatively correlated to women's ages. The stereotypes are true:
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