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Age: 31
Weight: 160
Height: 52
Size: 3
Generally, those of us talking about weird messages on OKCupid from are fans of men, insofar as we're on the internet, looking for men. I'm not saying that I want them to find me ugly but smart and message me anyway- I'm saying that the world is full of hot chicks and I was hoping for someone who wanted a good fit and would be delighted if he also found his good fit to be sexy and appealing. If a few men start sending messages to every profile they glance at, they automatically create more selectivity on the part of the women they message, because the women are getting overwhelmed with messages but have to figure out who's really interested and who's just hedging bets.
I'm still in touch with another, although really more as friends. That, at least, is not a time suck. We can eliminate the dick-pic-profiles right off the bat. I love FetLife, but I think the guys who send out the mass mailings are going solely by compatible predilections first, actual relationship status second.

The Life of a 10/10 Male (Tinder Case Study)(Pics)

Age: 26
Weight: 166
Height: 51
Size: 2
But like any prejudice, it better be well defended and supported, considering that it is a poisonous attitude.
I wouldn't lie, but if I was asked if I was a girl I would say stuff like "I'd rather not say". I did it and it's not hard at all and doesn't take much time. I don't doubt your motivations at all or anything. As much as I love canaries, I think the word you are looking for is "canard". The OKCupid blog didn't seem to have this basic, simple information about how messaging goes. I'd see a profile and even if there were pronounced differences, I might have sent a message — because anyone who has ever dated knows that you grow to like things on a partner that seem incompatible at first.
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