Uncharted 3 matchmaking unfair

Age: 33
Weight: 164
Height: 52
Size: 3
I consistently top the scoreboard and sometimes i wonder if the game finds punishing good players funny.
Log In Sign Up. Just because they are all legacy, doesn't mean they're good, it just means they know teamwork is key. The AK is actually really good once you get mods on it, but I am not sure if you got the good ones yet. I believe that in the right hands the AK with scope zoom and accuracy is a even match to the gmal also AK users don't have to worry about CQC whereas some gmal users won't use the gmal in CQC maps like desert village for example also gmal users don't tend to go for head shots but that's easier for the AK to get head shots than the gmal.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Age: 33
Weight: 160
Height: 51
Size: 3
Unfortunately, I was a late adopter and couldn't enjoy it as much since U3 was coming out and only a few people were playing U2 at the time. I guess that's the easiest way.
If you have ever played Killzone 2 and 3, imagine that in reverse as Killzone 3 removed the gravity effect but Uncharted 3 adds it. All the positives from the previous games return here intriguing story, great characters and amazing cinematic moments but one thing that caught my eye is the improved shooting mechanics. That was ND's intention. The gameplay is incredible, the new melee combat system is times better than what was there in Uncharted 2. I can be the first of the team, I can pull some nice plays, but I die often because I'm an idiot trying to work on that, it's already improving!
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