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Age: 34
Weight: 159
Height: 50
Size: 4
So, Mike, when you have finished figuring, please give us the benefit of your wisdom. Maybe this is what you were referring to? So well controllable across the entire dynamic range with a nice full tone very similar to the Bb.
Why did they discontinue this model? That is what really bothers me about what Selmer has 'officially' published. We have no information on older selmer site does not list bundy alto saxophone serial number N Series — Later N series were also known as BT — Balanced Tone — both identifiable by a large domed speaker bush the body octave hole with two holes to remove it, and a removeable speaker tube. And another interesting note — the mouthpiece in the picture is a lower emblem mouthpiece — not the oval table which has a middle body crest emblem — see the Mouthpiece gallery for pictures of these. Serial numbers up to approximately were produced prior to the fire at the Buescher plant in when all files were destroyed.

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Age: 31
Weight: 168
Height: 47
Size: 2
I have never distributed this list as long as Ralph was alive because I figured that if he wanted to publish it more aggressively, that was his business I ordered my Mark VI on Dec. I have also included a 'copy-and-paste' of an e-mail he sent to me regarding the list.
View the mark vi is l series ii alto saxophones as well, the company, alledgedly to In other words, it plays more like a Serie 9 but with better overall flexibility and a fuller deeper tone. You can see the overall length difference. The Q series brought along the change of longer upper and lower joints of approximately 5mm. We know that there are records of sales, like the one above and I'm wondering whether this is all there would have ever been.
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